Decision finds police at Montebello incited violence

This report sent out today by the Council of Canadians:

Two years after Quebec police officers were caught posing as protestors during the Montebello anti-SPP rally, three officers have been found to have “failed to respect the authority of the law by inciting persons to violence,” according to a press release today from the Canadian Energy and Paperworkers union (CEP).

“The ruling by the Comité à la déontologie policière, released yesterday, also found that the officers were disrespectful or impolite, used obscene, blasphemous or abusive language, and refused to produce identification when asked,” says the CEP release

“This is a victory for democracy and for the democratic right to peaceful protests, but I have the same question I had two years ago,” says Dave Coles, who most will remember from the Paul Manley video as the man who unmasked one of the agents provocateurs at Montebello and repeatedly called them out as police officers.

“Who ordered them to do it? We need an independent judicial inquiry into the whole cover-up. When people show up to protest because they are concerned about an issue – and they are attacked by those who are supposed to be defending them… there is something wrong with the system.


Council of Canadians media officer Dylan Penner raises another question: How will this ruling affect security for the B.C. Winter Games where the Integrated Security Unit refuses to rule out using agents provocateurs to provoke protestors to commit illegal acts?

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association has sought without success assurances from Olympic security teams that they will not repeat what happened in Montebello, according to a recent Georgia Straight article, which contains a link to Paul’s footage:

A copy of this week’s decision on Montellello is available in French at (no English translation yet, says CEP).

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