Harper’s dirty little China secret

Stephen Harper’s China problem – he was publicly rebuked by China’s premier, a virtually unprecedented action – has all the media pundits analyzing Harper’s attitude toward the world’s next super-power.  But I haven’t seen anyone talk about what really drives Harper’s bizarre attitude toward a country that Canadian business is eager to please.

One of Harper’s most important constituencies – the anti-abortion movement – has China at the very top of its hate list.  If you believe abortion is murder then there are more babies killed in China every year through abortion than in all the rest of the world combined.  China’s one-child policy, though moderated in recent years in some instances, is accompanied by extremely easy access to abortions. No “committees” here to regulate abortions or counseling young women about other options. It really is ‘free abortion on demand.’

That’s why Harper, who is contemptuous of human rights all around the world (think Palestinians, the Lebanese, Burmese, Afghan detainees) is still sticking to his criticism of China’s (admittedly appalling) human rights record. Harper is absolutely determined to keep his flock of right wing Christians happy – even it means losing hundreds of millions of dollars in trade and angering his Bay Street constituency.

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