Left Behind

I rarely use my blog to promo an article or a program but a friend and colleague of mine, one of the best radio documentary makers in the CBC, has put together 3-part Ideas series on perhaps the most important issue of our era: inequality. The first of the series by Toronto freelancer Jill Eisen runs tonight, Monday, at 9:04.

The CBC blurb reads as follows – don’t miss it or the following two programs:


Monday, January 16, 23, 30

on Ideas at 9:04 pm, CBC Radio One

Over the past 30 years, the benefits of economic growth in Canada, the US
and much of the rest of the world, have gone increasingly to the top one
percent of the population. For the majority of families, however, incomes
have stagnated. This rise in inequality coincided with a sea change in
government policy. Beginning in the 1980s, governments in much of the
English-speaking world embarked on what has been called the neoliberal
revolution – deregulation, privatization and tax cuts, aimed at liberating
markets and stimulating the economy. The rising tide was supposed to lift
all boats, but it didn’t. Jill Eisen explores what happened.

Part 2 airs on Monday, January 23. and part 3 on Jan 30th

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